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NAIL COURSES COMMENCING FROM SEPTEMBER 2013 MANICURE:Mon 9th September 2013 Completion date: Mon 21st October 2013 PEDICURE:Tues 10th September 2013 Completion date: Tues 22nd October 2012 NAIL TECHNOLOGY(Acrylic):Wed 11th, Thurs 12th September 2013 Wed 18th September Completion date: Wed 6th November 2013 NAIL TECHNOLOGY(Gel:Wed 20th, Thurs 21st November 2013 Wed 27th November 2013 Completion date: Wed 15th January 2014 NAIL ART: Thurs 19th September 2013 Completion date: Thurs 7th November 2013 Thurs 28th November 2012Completion date: Thurs 16th January 2014 ACRYLIC CONVERSION WORKSHOP:Thurs 12th September 2013 GEL CONVERSION WORKSHOP Thurs 21st November 2013

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