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VTCT – IHBC Level 2 Certificate of Unit Credit - Manicure


Course Facilitator: Christine Stilgoe



This course is designed for students who wish to achieve their professionally recognised qualification quickly. It will be delivered intensively & will require much dedication & substantial home study.


Manicure treatments are very profitable & viable treatments to offer clients.

Whether you are a salon-based therapist, work from home or are mobile, these treatments are much sought after.

This qualification will enable candidates to provide professional manicure treatments.


The manicure unit is a pre-requisite for any candidate wishing to apply for The Nail Technology courses of study.


This individual unit can be added to as students work towards the VTCT – IHBC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques.


Areas of study:

  • Introduction to Manicure Treatments
  • Benefits
  • Contra-indications to Manicure
  • Contra-actions
  • Product Knowledge
  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Assessing the Nails & Hands
  • Nail Disorders & Irregularities
  • Related Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nail Shapes
  • Specialised Treatments:

-         Paraffin Wax -Warm Oil - Exfoliating- Mask Treatments & Thermal mitts

  • Practical Manicure Procedures
  • Gentleman’s Manicure
  • Professional consultation & Record Keeping


Students are required to complete case study treatments in addition to theory tasks, practical & theory assessments.


All students are to wear professional salon work wear for class attendance & assessments.



Course Duration & Class Times

This intensive course is  full day plus 11/2 plus assessment day



See current timetables for details


Course cost:

The complete cost of the course is £160.00 plus £70.00 Assessment fees

This includes full private tuition & certification fees


A non-refundable deposit of £100.00 is required to secure your place.

Students will be required to purchase a hand range in order to complete case study requirements. Kits can be purchased at the centre if required.

Approx. cost of kit: £75

 If kits are required they must be ordered & paid for in full at application.

A lifetime registration fee of £16.00 will be required for students not previously registered with VTCT

An additional cost of £70.00 is required for candidates completing units


Course Certification & Insurance:


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the VTCT – IHBC Level 2 Certificate of Unit Credit  Provide Manicure Treatments

You will be able to apply for full Professional & Public Indemnity Insurance to enable you to start working in Professional Practice straight away.


Successful Candidates will also receive the Healing Hands, School of Natural Therapies Certificate in Manicure.




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